The Biz Technology - Refund Policy

In line with focusing on offering our clients top-notch solutions and the best client experience, we have managed to establish a considerate yet productive refund policy. We do our planning intending to divide our projects equally and then finish our work by setting significant milestones.

The beginning of our projects is usually done with a thorough analysis while creating a scope of work document. It’s important to discuss the work scope in advance as both parties should have a detailed understanding of their work requirements. Thus eliminating any chances of potential crisis and avoiding any possibility for project cancellations, disputes, and reversals.

After completing a project, a refund is not possible, since completing a module and achieving every milestone along the way is time-consuming.

If any of the involved parties mutually decide to terminate the project, the potential client gets control of all the completed work. Where any previous payments made for further development will no longer be accepted. And the chances of receiving a refund of previous payments and deposits will become void.

Also, after reaching the final stage development phase of the project and the final approval of mock-up designs by the client, no payment will be refunded in any case. Projects midway through their milestone phase will be getting no partial refunds at any cost.

As our marketing team entertains some exceptional limited-time offers and services to clients on special occasions, no cancellations will be entertained regardless of any price.

No refund of SEO and digital marketing packages is possible. Even in special cases, the client is expected to cancel the package by submitting a notice written 30 days in advance.

Also, passive projects being laid dormant or abandoned for more than 30 days, there will be no refunds on deposits and payments of any kind.